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TRYST Headphone Amp

TRYST Headphone Amp

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TRYST: A secret meeting or rendezvous

Enjoy the guilty pleasure of music in your busy day. Escape reality and rendezvous with Tryst.

Headphones today allow us to enjoy music in private, escaping the outside world. Anywhere, anytime, you can slip away from your troubles and into the world of music with Tryst.

Designed as an all tube amplifier in pure Class A operation with zero feedback, Tryst offers the shortest signal path and most natural reproduction of music. The low noise floor and three dimensional presentation of tubes paint a soundscape that is elegant, simple and true.

The warm glow of the Tryst amplifier allows for a private and personal musical experience;
a rendezvous in a different
world and space.

Tube Complement: (2) 6922 (7308/6DJ8); (4) 12B4

Inputs: (2) pairs RCA. Preamp outputs: (2) pairs RCA

Headphone Outputs: (1) IEM stereo (3.5mm), (1) 1/4 inch stereo, (1) 4-pin XLR balanced.

Power Supply: Outboard, SS rectified.

Umbilical: 4 ft. long, 5 pin XLR termination.

Proudly Hand Crafted in the U.S.A.

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    Technical Specs

    • Frequency response: 20Hz to 50Khz (-.5dB)
      Power: 3W at 18 ohm
      Gain: 30dB
      Fuse: 1.5A slow blow.
      TPS Power Supply: 8W x 3.75H x 12D
      Weight: 16.5 lb.
      Tryst Amplifier: 8W x 6.5H x12D
      Weight: 16.0 lb.