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03/18/20 KWH 225i Feedback!
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  • New photos of the Oppo BDP-95 Tube mods are in!

    We had some shots of the Oppo Mods taken recently and added to the photo galleries. They’re beautiful…

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  • Bangkok Audio Show 2011 Photos!

    Bangkok Audio Show 2011 Photos!

    Our friend Gary with Elpa Shaw in Thailand set up a fantastic room at an A/V show in down town Bangkok…

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  • T.H.E. Show Newport 2012 - Hilton Room 317!

    T.H.E. Show Newport 2012 - Hilton Room 317!

    The theme for us this year is MODERN INTEGRATION. We feel that the KWI 200 200W No-Compromise Integrated, exemplifies this

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  • LS 100 Tube Phono Upgrade!

    LS 100 Tube Phono Upgrade!

    I did some research into this and found a way to lower the phono gain by approximately 15dB, without any sacrifice in sonics

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  • Life is too short...

    …To not enjoy the finer things in life.

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    I believe that Dan Wright has really “hit the ball out of the park” with his new KWI 200 Integrated Amplifier. Because of its build quality, handsome, physical appearance along with its beautiful rendering of the music’s timbres, warmth and details without losing its punch or macro-dynamics, I would classify the KWI 200 as one of the best integrated amps on the market today, regardless of price. I would strongly recommend to put this on your audition list if your think you are in the process of selecting an integrated amp for your system.

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  • And so it begins...

    And so it begins...

    ‘Modern Integration’ is a GOOD thing. Computers, smart phones, Integrated amps and the way we enjoy music is changing, for the better.

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  • Open House at Echo Audio in Portland OR!

    Open House at Echo Audio in Portland OR!

    If I could sum up the theme of the evening in one thought:
    Music, sharing, energy and revelation.

    Bravo Kurt, for a great evening and for Echo Audio, offering a gateway to the joys of music through quality audio gear for ALL.

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  • On music and passion...

    I believe that we often lose sight of what audio equipment is designed to do….to produce music as natural and accurately as possible.

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  • New Mods: Oppo BDP-103 and BDP-105!

    The 105 will be a WORLD CLASS player AND DAC, with our tube analog stage, for < $3500 and will perform at the $10K+ range ABSOLUTELY!

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